Are Gel Blasters Legal in Nsw 2020

Most recently, a 54-year-old man from Narromine was sentenced to an intensive correction order of one year and six months after he was caught importing yellow trucks he had purchased on eBay and storing them in his caravan. The man became aware of police after packages containing the firearms were intercepted by the Australian Border Force. Yellow trucks are classified as a restricted device. That said, if you use it incorrectly or have one without the right licence, you can and will be penalised for your yellow truck in New South Wales. If you`re near the border, you`re more than welcome – come and buy in Queensland and store your purchase in QLD territory. They are made overseas and are designed to emit non-toxic gel balls made almost entirely of water. Like Nerf, a common toy in most homes, they are used for entertainment and leisure purposes. With the growing popularity and media exposure in recent years, many Australians are questioning the laws. “I guarantee you there are a lot of people who don`t know they`re illegal here,” said Nicky Bourke, co-owner of GunPro in Dubbo, a licensed arms dealer. With respect to yellow trucks, if the gel balls were powered by a spring and not by “an explosive” or an “air gun”, then they would not fall within that definition.

Are yellow trucks legal in the VIC? Considering how realistic some may seem, the issue is controversial. For more information on the classifications and requirements of a counterfeit firearm, please click here. At this time, there is no official Washington State government legislation regarding yellow trucks in Western Australia. So, are yellow trucks legal here? Essentially, the legality of owning a gel toy in WA depends on the interpretation. Unless they are used in a way that causes fear, harm or public alarm, the licensing services have stated that they do not consider the toy to be a firearm. You only need to know one name to legally buy all your yellow trucks in Australia NSW: Tactical Edge Hobbies. You can easily buy online at any time. Simply browse our online store and make your purchase. However, the confusion between the defendant and Facebook is not surprising. While yellow trucks are a gun in New South Wales, in QLD they are toys. Toy sellers dominate the industry in QLD, which is worth more than $200 million a year in QLD.

Until recently, SA did not prohibit the possession or sale of gel blasters. You need the right permits and licenses to own and buy a gel blaster toy in New South Wales. Gel blasters, which are essentially similar to military firearms, are completely banned. Gel blaster toys in this state have been classified as air guns, which is defined as a “Category A” firearm. In addition, frost balls were classified as ammunition. You`ll need a gun license to legally own a gel blaster toy – and to do that, you need to have a real reason for wanting a gun (like being a member of a sports club). The result is that if these yellow trucks are not manufactured and marketed as children`s toys and therefore classified as counterfeit firearms that a person is not allowed to possess without a valid license. In October 2020, the Gel Blasters were declared a counterfeit firearm in South Australia. This means that yellow trucks in South Africa are now regulated like paintball guns and real guns. Previously, yellow trucks were allowed to be legally detained without permission. Possession of a prohibited firearm without proper licence and/or permission is a serious crime.

Therefore, we recommend good legal representation for gel blaster property fees. Victorians are encouraged to drop off their yellow trucks at local police stations. While many consider them toys, the firing mechanism of BB pistols and yellow trucks uses compressed air to fuel pellets, bullets or other projectiles. Therefore, they meet the definition of firearms. It is legal for new owners to own the toy to ensure that the correct permit has been obtained and the yellow truck has been registered. For current owners, are yellow trucks legal to own and use in South Africa? No, not without the right licenses and permits. There is a 6-month amnesty period that ends in April 2021. Meanwhile, all current owners of yellow trucks must apply for a firearms license and register their blasters or hand over their toys to the police. For more information on the current state of yellow trucks in South Africa, please click here. If you have a valid firearms license, you can legally own an NSW Yellow Truck. However, it is illegal to own or possess a gel blaster gun in New South Wales without a valid firearms licence or licence. The type of firearms licence required to own a yellow truck in New South Wales is a Class A licence.

The law came into effect after police claimed yellow trucks had been used to commit a number of crimes. These included home invasions, armed robberies, sieges, raids and drive-by shootings. The Yellow Truck Act in New South Wales and throughout Australia has been the subject of much controversy in recent years. So, are yellow trucks legal in Australia? In summary, the laws of gel blaster toys vary and can be interpreted in each state. If not, what license do you need to legally purchase a military-style toy weapon Download the popular yellow trucks in New South Wales today at Tactical Edge Hobbies, your one-stop online store for NSW yellow trucks. For all your needs NSW Gel Blaster, Gel Baller and Gelsoft NSW, Tactical Edge Hobbies has the job. New South Wales Police take the possession of yellow trucks seriously. The maximum penalty for possession of a yellow truck in New South Wales is five years in prison or a fine of $5,500.

Under the New South Wales Firearms Act, gel bullet blowers are classified as “air guns” and therefore as Class A firearms – meaning they can only be legally owned with a “valid licence”. However, if the gel ball blaster “essentially duplicates” a military firearm, like most on the market, they are banned. As of February 1, 2021, owners of gel blasters must have a “reasonable excuse” for the toy, such as being part of a gel blaster club. For more information on yellow trucks in QLD, please click here. The Australian Criminal Law Group successfully achieves the best results in charges of illegal possession of weapons. We have offices in Sydney CBD, Blacktown and Parramatta, so contact us to have your cases assessed. We offer free initial consultations and a fixed fee, making it affordable to attract the best lawyers to Sydney for your case. Contact us today via our 24-hour hotline on 02 8815 8167. Gel blasters are also gel guns, hydro blasters, hydro markers, gel shooters, gel markers and Jelsoft. In this article, we will make a basic breakdown of the laws that govern each state. South Australia also banned yellow trucks last year.

Retailers have imported a variety of yellow trucks here in Australia, some of which look like a real gun and others are more toy in the wild. Regardless of their location, all Australian yellow truck owners are encouraged to use common sense and research the applicable laws of their own states for further clarification. A number of states have yet to officially classify yellow trucks or regulate toys. Meanwhile, others embrace fun and sport! Many people have asked when yellow trucks will be legal in New South Wales – only time will tell! At present, residents of New South Wales should apply for the right permits if necessary. For more information, please contact your local authorities or explore the nsw police force website linked here. Bourke said her company had seen a number of residents hand over yellow trucks as part of an ongoing national gun amnesty that began in July last year, where people can drop off guns without a license or banned without fear of punishment. Browse and buy all your yellow and gelsoft trucks in New South Wales as well as accessories and tactical equipment at Tactical Edge Hobbies. Yellow trucks and other prohibited weapons can be handed over to a participating arms dealer or police station without fear of prosecution. A list of transfer points can be found on the Crime Stoppers website. A simple search on eBay reveals hundreds of listings selling Blaster for as little as $20. Most sellers are based overseas, where yellow trucks are legal, and marketing often targets kids with an ad labeled “a new and interesting toy” that is “perfect for birthdays.” .