Are Fireworks Legal in Jamaica

The head of the Department of Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement (PSTEB), Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gary McKenzie, said he was violating the law regarding the use of fireworks or fireworks unless a permit is issued and no permit for large fireworks is issued this year. According to the law, an import permit is required to bring pyrotechnic items such as fireworks and fireworks to the island, and people who sell these goods must have this license. Have a safe fourth July this year and leave the fireworks to the trained professionals. If you have any questions about fireworks and safety, you can visit the Website of the National Council on Fireworks Safety in Take the test and learn what you know about fireworks safety. He explained that activating, unloading or launching fireworks in public spaces is illegal under section 3 of the Cities and Communities Act. SSP McKenzie noted that possession of fireworks, more commonly known as “reels,” is illegal and that if individuals are found with them, they can be prosecuted for the crime. As the July 4 holidays approach, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center wants everyone to know about the potential dangers associated with fireworks so you can avoid hurting yourself or others. Keep in mind that fireworks can be dangerous and cause severe burns, injuries to the hands and eyes. You can help prevent fireworks-related injuries and deaths by following these simple fireworks safety tips. Kingston, Jamaica: As the holiday season approaches, the Jamaican Constabulary (JCF) has reminded the general public that fireworks (pyrotechnics) and fireworks remain illegal on the Caribbean island. JCF officials recalled that they were illegal; Nevertheless, fireworks are sold on the streets. He further informed that the possession of any type of fireworks is illegal, including its sale, and noted that several people have lost their homes.

The Jamaican Constabulary (JCF) reminds citizens that staging fireworks without permission is illegal. As Jamaicans prepare to celebrate the New Year, Deputy Commissioner of Police (AKP) Ealan Powell reminds people that special permits must be issued for the use of fireworks. Fireworks are synonymous with celebrating Independence Day, but the thrill of fireworks can also lead to serious injuries. He said permits for fireworks are usually issued by the JCF in collaboration with the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB), the Ministry of Health and the municipal body. After carrying out the necessary assessments, these bodies decide whether fireworks can be lit at the desired location. Whoever you are, you need the necessary permits to light fireworks because it can become a safety issue,” he continued. He added that people have lost their homes because of people showing fireworks. McKenzie added that the sale and possession of any type of fireworks or fireworks are illegal. “When it comes to the use of fireworks or fireworks, this violates the law unless a permit is granted and no permit is issued for large fireworks this year [based on entertainment restrictions in light of the coronavirus pandemic],” said Gary McKenzie, head of the Department of Public Safety and Transportation Enforcement (PSTEB), Chief Superintendent of Police (SSP), Gary McKenzie to JIS News. and they should not be made (used). No permit is granted for this type of activity. We expect people to play by the rules because we won`t be lenient,” said ACP McKenzie.

The Jamaican Constabulary (JCF) reminds the public that fireworks (pyrotechnics) and fireworks remain illegal in Jamaica. “The possession is illegal, the sale is illegal and the use is illegal. Thus, no one can be in possession of coils or other equipment that cause fireworks or explosions. What we don`t know is that, especially in the communities, we have babies, the elderly, hospitals and infirmaries, and sometimes these things go off and it can be pretty scary,” ACP McKenzie said. Disclaimer: “It is illegal in New York to carry, sell, buy or use fireworks.” If you are travelling to an area where use is legal, please follow the tips below. Like any other event you have, lighting fireworks requires written permission. The permits are issued by the Jamaican Constabulary (JCF) in collaboration with the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB), the Ministry of Health and the municipal agency, he said when he recently spoke to a JIS think tank.