Are African Greys Legal in Georgia

“Animals cannot be direct beneficiaries of trusts because pets are legally considered personal property and property cannot own property,” Lacroix said. If you believe your veterinarian has injured or killed your pet, you have the right to sue your pet for veterinary malpractice. However, such prosecutions are rarely feasible. If you have serious legal concerns about your parrot, you should contact a lawyer who practices animal law (for reference, call your state bar association). Whether you`re a pet owner or just live next to a rough parrot, you`d better know your legal rights and obligations. Forget about keeping any type of crocodile species as a Georgian pet. These include alligators, caimans and crocodiles. Any type of non-native venomous snake is prohibited as a pet, such as vipers or vipers, but also non-venomous native snakes. Gila monsters, giant toads and gopher turtles are just some of the species that can be kept illegally at the national level.

The majority of laws affecting pets are enacted and enforced by cities and counties, not by state or federal governments, which means that what is legal in terms of pet birds will vary from municipality to municipality. Still, there are many similarities in local laws regarding what`s going well and what`s not when it comes to pets. Under Georgian law, it is illegal to keep wild animals and some exotic animals as pets in the fishing state. While you probably won`t be surprised that it`s illegal to keep a rhino or bat as a pet, you may not know that species that are welcome as pets in other states must stay out of Georgia. If you end up with an illegal pet, contact a rescue service operating in the state. You will have to abandon your pet, but you may not be charged, which can lead to significant fines and even jail time. Whatever you do, don`t just throw the animal away. Yes, said Jennifer Melton, JD, an animal rights attorney in Golden, Colorado, and legal counsel to Rocky Mountain Animal Defense. “The lease is a legally binding contract. If your rental agreement states that there must be no pets and your landlord determines that you have a parrot, you may be fined or evicted. Only one state, California, has passed a law that makes it illegal for pet stores and vendors in bird quarters and exchange sites to sell unweaned baby birds. This Act (CA Bill AB202) will come into force on September 1, 2004.

In all other states, it is still legal to buy unweaned baby birds in pet stores. In addition, it will continue to be legal in California to purchase unweaned baby birds directly from bird breeders. Your neighbors have the right to enjoy their property. If your parrot screams all day while you`re at work, for long periods of time early in the morning or late at night when your neighbors are trying to sleep, and it`s to the point that the screams interfere with your neighbors` enjoyment of your property, it`s legally considered a nuisance. Georgia allows the sugar glider, a popular marsupial, to be kept if the owner “has valid documentation indicating that the animal comes from a source inspected and regulated by the USDA.” If you bought your pet from an unregulated backyard breeder, you do not have such proof. European ferrets are legal if they have been sterilized or sterilized at the age of 7 months and have received a rabies vaccine. When it comes to animal rights, don`t wait to find out the hard way, through evictions, fines, seizures, or lawsuits, what`s legal in your community. Take the initiative to find out what the pet laws are for your city. Often, it is enough to go to the public library or the city prosecutor`s office to examine the ordinances in the books. Anyway, Winter said, “It`s good to write down your wishes in writing in a legal document now, when you`re healthy and no one is questioning your mental health. Otherwise, if you wait to do so when you`re on your deathbed, you could have disputes between heirs or potential heirs about why the money should be set aside to care for a parrot to the exclusion of your children, grandchildren, and other parents. There are probably a hundred or more lawyers in the U.S.

who work at least in part on animal rights cases or pet-related lawsuits. The majority of these lawyers are involved in cases involving dogs or horses. A small number of lawyers are also involved in legal cases involving pet birds. What exactly the authorities would do depends on the laws of the state, but at least your bird will be confiscated, Brosell said. Quaker parrots cannot own or sell them in California, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wyoming. In Connecticut, it`s legal to own Quakers, but you can`t sell or raise them. Residents of New York and Virginia are allowed to own Quakers, but they must register with the state. The reason so many states ban people from owning Quakers is that “birds have been considered agricultural pests and these states don`t want pet Quakers to enter their borders, eventually break away, congregate and threaten native species in local environments,” Brosell explained. “Often they are CITES compliant, but not always,” Rowe said. “You must join CITES, but there may also be individual local requirements of the country you are visiting.” “In New York, for example, we have the three-month rule, which basically says that if you`ve had a pet for at least three months and the owner is aware of it, anything that`s prohibited pets in the lease is unenforceable at this point.” 40-13-2-.17.

Exotic animals and non-traditional livestock. “This is primarily for public health reasons, particularly related to contamination of the water supply,” said Charlotte Lacroix, DVM, JD, sole owner of Priority Veterinary Legal Consulting based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. (5) All other split Hufbovidae, including bison, water buffaloes and exotic cattle breeds, must meet the same sanitary requirements for intergovernmental movements as domestic cattle to enter Georgia. Colbert-White`s work grew out of her master`s thesis and several years of work with Cosmo, but she is now expanding it as a graduate student in UGA`s Behavioral and Brain Sciences program. Before you leave for an interstate road trip, Brosell recommends that you contact the state veterinarians for the states you will be visiting to see if there are any restrictions on passing people with pet birds. Most likely, you will only need an intergovernmental veterinary health certificate (you can get it from any licensed veterinarian who does not need to examine your bird more than 10 days before your departure). It`s important to have that. Some states have border controls on the highway between states and may require these documents to be seen for all animals in your vehicle. (b) It is illegal to introduce psittacin birds or other exotic birds designated by the Commissioner of Agriculture Rule as potential vectors of diseases originating directly or indirectly from outside the United States into that State, unless the bird has been brought to the United States in accordance with the quarantine regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture.